“What helps people, helps business.” – Leo Burnett

We act like an intermediary step to transition businesses without them having to pay for a large overhead.

For companies and organizations that see the need to step up their marketing efforts but don’t have the necessary resources to hire a marketing or creative staff (i.e. photographers, graphic design, public relations etc.) we step in and satisfy the need. Our solutions and services get you what you want without having to hire an internal staff. SC’s consultants will assist businesses develop their marketing strategies, keeping within marketing budgets, timelines and requirements.

Provide services unique to your business.

With SC having clients from several different industries we are not cookie cutters. We create custom marketing plans and business development strategies that are personally tailored to your business. In marketing and brand engagement management it is not a one size fit all solution. We are out of the box creative delivering compelling and “sexy” results that will blow away your competition.

Boutique firm with a direct contact.

SC offers a direct principal contact with industry expertise instead of an account manager. In our firm you will have access to an individual with the specific knowledge of the area of interest. Our principal contacts will be able to advise clients of needs and possible solutions. We are committed to quality, quick turn around, accessibility and accountability. Principal contacts are always reachable and are with clients from start to finish of projects.

SC is a hub of resources.

Whether you need to create corporate sponsorship relationships, brand communities or a photo shoot for an ad, Steele Consulting is here for you. We are a one stop shop that can assist in your image, community building, brand and strategies. We have the knowledge and resources to move you to that next big thing.

We want to partner with you in future endeavors.

Unlike a lot of traditional media agencies, Steele Consulting is here for the long haul putting “skin in the game”. We look at every client as a partner that we look forward to building a partnership with you in the future. No matter how small the client, budget or tasks, we look at each client as a potential partner. We want to be your partner of other business opportunities. Who better to move forward with, then your marketing and business development team.