Business relationships are alot like SEX!

Everyone has heard horror stories about small businesses failing. When I was thinking about starting my business I read the book “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It”, by Michael E. Gerber.  It was a great read and basically what I got from the book is that one person can’t do everything.  If you are an electrician, you need to just be the electrician.  The problem is that unless you have tons of savings or initial investors, the electrician must also be the marketing director, PR person, accountant, project manager, account manager, HR person, receptionist….. etc.  One person can’t do it all, and therefore you need to build a team.  You have to rely on others to help build your company. You have to trust other people with your business, which can actually can be scary. Think about it, you have to go into relationships with people you may or might not know with your pride and joy in order to build your needed team. You can’t take on larger contracts or projects without developing corporate teaming agreements, joint ventures, working with freelancers, or just hiring the right people.  

So looking at my own experiences with business relationships, I see several similarities with the idea of having an intimate encounter with someone for the first time.  Ok, you like or maybe even love the person you are thinking about getting in bed with.  Something about that person excites you.  You are lured in, and intrigued by something.  With sex it could be a particular body part such as their eyes, and with business it could be their financial portfolio and connections.  It’s about the initial attractiveness, and imagined outcomes.

What are the things that you think about before having sex with someone?  I guarantee you a lot of the questions will be the same, because it is all about your protection.

So what is it that you think about?

  • past relationships
  • reputation?
  • health/wellness?
  • long term viability?
  • trustworthiness?

Bottom line is before you get into bed with a potential investor, business partner, advisor, or freelancer do your research and ask them questions.  It could be the difference between having a great long lasting marriage, or something you’ll be trying to get away from, or having to deal with for a very long time.  Protect yourself!

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